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I'm Robin, 34 years old, an amateur driver, a "Gentleman Driver". I've had the opportunity to compete in karting, then rallying and now on the circuit, driving cars like the Ginetta GT4, Ligier JS2R and Clio Cup. For over ten years, I've been working in the web sector, a field whose infinite possibilities fascinate me. My experience as an entrepreneur led me to think: what if I merged these two worlds to create something unique? Thus was born GoToTheGrid (GTTG), a platform designed to meet the specific needs and expectations of motorsport enthusiasts and professionals.

It all started with a simple observation: despite the presence of numerous ad sites dedicated to motorsports, none of them fully met my expectations in terms of intuitiveness, ergonomics, diversity of offers and visibility for advertisers. My aim was to create a modern, user-friendly platform, where every feature would simplify users' lives without sacrificing the quality of the content or the richness of the interactions. My ambition was to reinvent the traditional ad site model to offer a more enriching, more intuitive experience, and above all, one more in tune with the current needs of the industry.

I also set myself the mission of making motorsports accessible to everyone, including beginners. To this end, content is regularly produced on our blog, where we don't hesitate to tackle the central question of budget and highlight racing teams with suitable offers.

My first step was to listen. I spent months talking to drivers, team managers, mechanics, engineers, fans, novices and professionals. Their consensus was clear: they wanted an intuitive, ad-free platform that made it easy to find and share information, goods and services.

The result was GTTG. Much more than just an advertisement site, GTTG aims to become the meeting point for the motorsports world, a space where every player - whether seller, buyer, service provider or simply enthusiast - finds their place and their voice. The platform has been designed to guarantee optimal visibility for all players, with personalized profiles for presenting activities, news, websites and social networks. Particular attention has been paid to SEO, optimized for maximum visibility of offers and ads.

My vision for GTTG is clear: to become the benchmark for buying, selling and renting motor sport-related goods and services.

The adventure is just beginning, and I'm delighted to have you on board. Are you ready to change the game with me? 🏁